7 Day Memory Fitness Plan for Thursday: Develop Effective Memory Strategies

What did you spend time looking for recently? I took my glasses off last night before going to bed and they were not where I usually keep them. Fortunately I can see fairly well without them but I had to check in a few places before I located them. Interestingly, I found them in a place I usually do not leave them.

A gentleman who attended many of my memory fitness programs shared a graph with me of how we spend our time. It showed 30% or our time was spent sleeping, 30% working or playing, 10% eating and the remaining 30% looking for what was in our hand one minute ago. Sound familiar?

Memory strategies are often necessary to recall information because of the many distractions in our lives. When our focus jumps from one thing to another we need to use strategies like repeating the information over and over rather than let it be just a momentary thought. That is why you  are looking for whatever was in your hand one minute ago or find yourself in a room but not recalling why you are there..

Refer to the previous blogs for Monday (attitude), Tuesday (paying attention), Wednesday (lifestyle choices) because they are part of what you need to do to be doing to support your memory.

Thursday is memory props day in the 7 day memory fitness program. Every Thursday for at least the next month or two, find a way to focus on how to decrease the frequency for one of your repeated memory frustrations.

Here are a few ideas to pick from. Write a different one on your calendar for each Thursday or modify these ideas to fit your routine. Try and do it periodically throughout the entire day. Create your own ideas for future weeks.

1.  Write down three words, repeat them several times and recall them throughout the day. Take a look at your list if you need to refresh your memory.
2. Put something in an unusual place in the morning.  Write the name of the item on a piece of paper
and the location on the other side in case you need to refer to it. See if you can recall the location later in the day.
3. Memorize an inspirational quote or a simple joke.  Write it down, read it several times and share it with someone.
4.  When introduced to a new person, repeat their name, ask questions, write it down. See if you can recall it later in the day.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin

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Kathryn Kilpatrick received her Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1968 from the University of Massachusetts. She has worked in a variety of settings, primarily in Ohio, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and for decades in the area of home health care. Kathryn is president of Memory Fitness Matters (www.memoryfitnessmatters.com) and Communication Connection(www.connectionsincommunication.com). She offers memory coaching for all ages and has a geriatric consulting practice. She is a national motivational speaker and author of more than 30 products to enhance communication and connection as well as a Memory Fitness Toolkit. Kathryn brings her decades of experience as a speech-language pathologist to all those wanting to enhance their quality of life, particularly when there are communication, memory and cognitive challenges. Her websites offer information on a wide variety of topics related to elder care concerns as well as memory fitness and successful aging.
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