Challenge Your Brain: Complete the Sequences

How often do look at a different activity outside your normal brain fitness routine? Sometimes it may not interest you or perhaps it seems like it is too hard, or maybe not enough of a challenge.

Enjoy the variety of word and number games that will be shared in the upcoming weeks. Consider doing it with another person. If it is easy for you, show someone else by walking them through the steps. Look at the answer sheet if you want to get the hint you might need to continue. Remember you are not in school, there is no grade and the purpose is to give your brain the opportunity to do something new. Who knows? This little sample activity may appeal to you and open you up to considering something you had not considered before.

Here are a few sample letter sequences:

P Q R S T __ This sequence proceeds in alphabetical order. Answer is “U”

t u u v w w __ This sequence goes in alphabetical order, doubling every other letter. Answer is “x”

Complete these sequences:
1. C E H  __
2. Q P O    P O N    O N M      __ __ __
3. A D    E H    IL     __  __
4.  G H I    L K J    M N O     __ __ __
5.  L L M N O    L M M N O    L M N N O    __ __ __ __ __

How did you do? Look at the answers for hints if needed. This week look for a new type of puzzle to change up your routine.  If you do not have a set routine, consider exploring some possibilities.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein

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