Challenge Your Brain: Word Associations

Word association games are a great way to practice a strategy that can be helpful when you cannot think of a word or a name but know many of its attributes.

If you cannot think of the word pepperoni but told the listener that it is a meat, round and goes on a pizza, it is very likely that person would know exactly what you meant and probably will be able to recall the word. Describing another person in your neighborhood  to your family as the woman with triplets who had moved from England is likely to be enough information for them to know who you mean.

Try these descriptions for a variety of candies. Check the answers for those you are not sure of. Remember that understanding why that hint works is a brain game of its own.

~ A famous swashbuckling trio of old

~ Indian burial grounds

~ What bees make

~ Round flotation device

~ Not laughing out loud

~ Can’t hold on to anything

~ A famous author

~ Nut happiness

~ Two female pronouns

~ A feline

~ Superman’s favorite hangout

This week try to think of other words you could use if you were not able to think of a word or name you need. Some to get you started: champion, escalator, microphone.

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.” Cicely Tyson

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