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Expand Your Intellectual Diversity

What are your areas of interest? Do you explore a variety of topics or situations? How could you expand your  leisure time pursuits? Research suggests the importance of changing it up. That might mean including socializing with different groups, having … Continue reading

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Memory Etiquette

Sometimes you may come across a situation where a person is complaining about their memory or perhaps talking about someone they know who seems to be more forgetful or occasionally confused. How would you want someone to handle that situation if … Continue reading

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Increase Your Imagination Time

Children use their imagination all the time. As you got older you may have used your imagination to feed your creativity.  Its definition is the act or power of forming a mental IMAGE of something not present to the senses … Continue reading

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Improve Your Memory: Assess Your Patterns

What are the ways you feel you keep your brain challenged? Many of you will read, play sports, take classes, play board games. Your list may include some of these and other ideas. We tend to be creatures of habit and … Continue reading

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