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There is information everywhere providing tips on how to improve your memory. Then there are the New Year’s resolutions which are made with good intention but tend to fall by the wayside, often sooner rather than later. How can you work your program, whatever it is, more effectively?

After more than a decade of presenting programs on memory fitness, it seemed like the idea of a 7 day memory fitness plan might have more success, especially when done with some other people, at work, at a senior center or an independent or assisted living community.

Have you ever heard that in days gone by there was a chore routine? If it was Monday, you would wash then on Tuesday do the ironing,  then mend on Wednesday etc.  It seemed like applying a specific focus for each day of the week for a memory fitness routine made a lot of sense. Positive attitude, paying attention, your lifestyle choices and upgrading your memory fitness routine are just a few of the key components. And one of the great benefits was that you could just focus on one strategy for each day. With repetition, habits tend to also show up even a month later on other days of the week because you more aware and are gradually developing more effective techniques.

Some things to think about:
Understanding the keys to memory fitness is a great place to start.

Monday: Attitude Matters  Rather than continuously complaining about being forgetful, adopt a more a proactive approach. Be open to learning the benefits of a positive attitude.

Tuesday: Paying Attention  Life has many distractions and those contribute to forgetfulness. Knowing the importance of focusing for 5 -10 seconds can be helpfuland lead to some improved concentration and recall.

Wednesday: Lifestyle Choices  What you eat and drink, how much you exercise and the quality of your sleep impact your thinking and recall. Gradually changing some of those less desirable habits can make a difference.

Thursday: Memory Strategies Memory props such as repetition, writing things down or visualization are just a few effective techniques. With technology there are many more options. Finding what works for you and doing it consistently can be helpful.               

Friday: Socialize and Connect with Other Staying connected encourages conversations and thinking skills and decreases depression, all of which are keys to successful aging.

Saturday: Challenge Your Brain  Take what you do and vary it or take it up a notch.  Get out of your box, be open to change and try new things.

Sunday: Create Balance in Your Life  Stress is something that is not a friend to your memory. Create a technique to get your balance back when things are upsetting.

Tips to consider:
Here is how the program works. On Monday each wee, for example, pick something to concentrate on for that entire day that promotes on a positive frame of mind. The following Monday, pick something different along the same theme. Each day has a different focus and following this program for a month or two can change some of your automatic habits to ones that promote a better memory.

On Monday (attitude matters) create a gratitude list or self correct your negative words.  

On Tuesday (paying attention) learn something new and share it with others. Slow your pace and notice things around you in detail.

On Wednesday (lifestyle choices) put together a supply of healthy snacks to replace the less healthy ones. Keep moving and take a few extra steps whenever possible.

On Thursday (memory strategies) repeat the name of the person you are introduced to several times in the conversation. Find a home for frequently misplaced items.

On Friday (socialize and connect with others) take the time to reconnect with old friends. Attend something new that interests you and introduce yourself to someone. Visit someone who is unable to get out of the house.

On Saturday (challenge your brain)  read something different and share what you learned with someone else. If you have a favorite hobby or talent, teach something about it to someone else.

On Sunday (create balance in your life) make it a day to lighten up. Spend time relaxing and do things that make you laugh or smile. Avoid situations or conversations that deplete your energy.

Want to know more?  Walking the Path to Memory Fitness One Week at a Time is an excellent resource for each of these areas. Consider some of the Brain Teaser products to upgrade your memory fitness routine and try something different.

Check the abundance of suggestions and weekly tip in the blogs I have been creating since 2012. Contact kathryn@memoryfitnessmatters.com  if you would like to have her present her 7 day Memory Fitness Plan or provide consultation services on creating a program.  Check her website schedule for upcoming programs or watch some the previous cable television programs on these topics with the corresponding blogs.  

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Saint Francis of Assisi

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Kathryn Kilpatrick received her Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1968 from the University of Massachusetts. She has worked in a variety of settings, primarily in Ohio, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and for decades in the area of home health care. Kathryn is president of Memory Fitness Matters (www.memoryfitnessmatters.com) and Communication Connection(www.connectionsincommunication.com). She offers memory coaching for all ages and has a geriatric consulting practice. She is a national motivational speaker and author of more than 30 products to enhance communication and connection as well as a Memory Fitness Toolkit. Kathryn brings her decades of experience as a speech-language pathologist to all those wanting to enhance their quality of life, particularly when there are communication, memory and cognitive challenges. Her websites offer information on a wide variety of topics related to elder care concerns as well as memory fitness and successful aging.
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