Memory Fitness Activities for ALL Ages

What is your typical brain fitness program? For some it may be reading, word games, card games, travel, crafts and the list goes on.  Since research supports the fact that challenging your brain is one of the keys to successful aging, you might want to consider exploring some options you may not have previously considered.

Equally important are activities that appeal to a variety of audiences.  There are so many possible options for those who belong to a senior center or live in an independent or assisted living. Sometimes modifications are needed but when working as a speech-language pathologist primarily in home health care, one of the most rewarding experiences is to learn more about the interests of a person, assess their strengths, explore some options, then demonstrating to interested care partners how to modify activities. Frequently those older adults with hearing or memory challenges will comment how good it feels to use their brain. Often the person cannot do what they used to do and do not know how to modify it.  That may result in too much time spent in front of the television until a plan that meets that person’s level of functioning is created.

Contact for more information about her memory fitness programs. In addition to the links in this blog, you might find it interesting to explore some of the my products that came about as a result of decades of experience looking for memory fitness activities that were appealing as well as user friendly and easily modifiable.

SUGGESTED PRODUCTS for senior centers, independent and assisted living communities and also memory care.  PRODUCT OVERVIEW (2 PAGES)
PRODUCT LINK (details)     

Daily Activities for Memory Fitness
Walking the Path to Memory Fitness One Week at a Time   sample pages

Brain Game Products
 Brain Teasers sample pages
 Reminiscence Puzzles (Fill in – Word Search – Crossword Puzzles – Brain Teasers)
(with suggestions for modification)  details and sample pages

Conversation Starters & Memory Activities  (with suggestions for modification) Reminiscence Calendar sample page
Century in Review  sample page

Additional Conversation Starters
Connecting the Generations     sample page
So What Do You Think – Talk Talk Talk    sample cards
Sharing Stories 

Caregiver Support     details
Time Well Spent 400 Ideas Young and Old Can Do Together  - Ideas for a Better Visit

ADDITIONAL WORKSHEETS (Kilpatrick Therapy Guides)
Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 - multiple sample pages

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.” Albert Einstein

About Kathryn Kilpatrick

Kathryn Kilpatrick received her Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1968 from the University of Massachusetts. She has worked in a variety of settings, primarily in Ohio, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and for decades in the area of home health care. Kathryn is president of Memory Fitness Matters ( and Communication Connection( She offers memory coaching for all ages and has a geriatric consulting practice. She is a national motivational speaker and author of more than 30 products to enhance communication and connection as well as a Memory Fitness Toolkit. Kathryn brings her decades of experience as a speech-language pathologist to all those wanting to enhance their quality of life, particularly when there are communication, memory and cognitive challenges. Her websites offer information on a wide variety of topics related to elder care concerns as well as memory fitness and successful aging.
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