Word Challengers

Research supports challenging your brain and changing up your routine. Many of these word puzzles will be unique to what you normally do. Some are easier to figure out while others are definitely more challenging. Anyone can benefit from a little variety in their choices and this product also offers excellent activities for the brain fitness programs in senior centers, adult day or independent and assisted living programs. In addition many older adults receiving home companion services might enjoy this activity with the assistance of a hired caregiver.

Change is not always welcome but rather than discard these varied word games as options, shift your attitude and give some of them a try. Since a positive attitude is one of the key components of successful aging and certainly supports memory fitness, consider the benefits where a wide variety of items are available in one resource.

As a speech-language pathologist working with my clients who have concerns about their memory, one of the aspects of a personalized program is to introduce activities the person generally has not done before. Those diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment are often encouraged by their doctor to engage in a variety of brain games. In my experience, sometimes it necessary to introduce new activities but alter them to meet a person’s current level of functioning and modify them more if changes occur to encourage their interest.

Adding to their frustration is not going to help the process. In many cases it includes providing more hints. I may encourage a person to look at the answer pages and use them to help figure what to do then go back and try it later. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing a person who gave up on doing some of the brain fitness activities they used to enjoy because they are too challenging comment after trying that they feel like they are using their brain again and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Additional resources to Keep Your Brain Sharp

It’s essential to keep an open mind, and to be willing–better yet, eager–to try new things. Michael Abrash

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Kathryn Kilpatrick received her Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1968 from the University of Massachusetts. She has worked in a variety of settings, primarily in Ohio, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and for decades in the area of home health care. Kathryn is president of Memory Fitness Matters (www.memoryfitnessmatters.com) and Communication Connection(www.connectionsincommunication.com). She offers memory coaching for all ages and has a geriatric consulting practice. She is a national motivational speaker and author of more than 30 products to enhance communication and connection as well as a Memory Fitness Toolkit. Kathryn brings her decades of experience as a speech-language pathologist to all those wanting to enhance their quality of life, particularly when there are communication, memory and cognitive challenges. Her websites offer information on a wide variety of topics related to elder care concerns as well as memory fitness and successful aging.
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