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The Daily Reminiscence Calendar 1900′s – 1990′s

What happened in history the day you were born? Which famous person shares your birthday? Curious?  This Daily Reminiscence Calendar provides details about happenings for each day of the year.  It is one in a series of reminiscence products designed so individuals of … Continue reading

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So What Do You Think?

So What Do You Think   Talk..Talk..Talk Conversations can often take many directions and sometimes you may be asked a question that makes you think a little bit. How would you answer some of these questions? Tell about something you haven’t … Continue reading

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Appreciation Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Memory

Each day is filled with so many gifts, simple blessings that are filled with wonder. Your busy schedule often hastens your pace and those little things sometimes may go unnoticed. Taking the time these last few weeks to work in … Continue reading

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Memory and Aging: Mild Memory Loss

Sometimes a person with more than mild memory deficits seems to lose interest in the activities they used to do. Perhaps it is too challenging or the person is a bit self-conscious about their word finding difficulties.  Often the person has … Continue reading

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