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The Daily Reminiscence Calendar 1900′s – 1990′s

What happened in history the day you were born? Which famous person shares your birthday? Curious?  This Daily Reminiscence Calendar provides details about happenings for each day of the year.  It is one in a series of reminiscence products designed so individuals of … Continue reading

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Word Challengers

Research supports challenging your brain and changing up your routine. Many of these word puzzles will be unique to what you normally do. Some are easier to figure out while others are definitely more challenging. Anyone can benefit from a … Continue reading

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So What Do You Think?

So What Do You Think   Talk..Talk..Talk Conversations can often take many directions and sometimes you may be asked a question that makes you think a little bit. How would you answer some of these questions? Tell about something you haven’t … Continue reading

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Pulling Your 7 Day Memory Fitness Plan Together

With all the information you hear about what to do to improve your memory, it can seem to be a bit overwhelming. The 7 day memory fitness program was created to help you work on a specific area daily emphasizing  … Continue reading

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Memory and Aging: Senior Centers

What a great place to engage seniors in activities of interest. It is also a place where older adults can exchange ideas of what they do to keep their minds active. One of my clients recently complained that her memory … Continue reading

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