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If you have ever had a complaint about your memory, no matter what your age, you may enjoy the practical insights that will be shared in the memory fitness blog. 

Our newest addition is a weekly cable tv show covering the memory concerns of people of all ages. In addition to some information on mutitasking, brain games, caregiver concerns, early onset and later stages of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, the weekly blog provides an overview of each program and links to additional information.

Why a blog on memory fitness?

First of all I am a speech-language pathologist with over 40 years of experience working with those who have experienced memory complaints.

Secondly, I am a baby boomer and could tell more than my share of memory glitches in my daily routine.  They say you teach what you need to learn!

Often people ask me what vitamins to take or foods to eat so they can remember better. That is not what this blog is about. There are experts on these areas and those are the people you want to research.

My intent is to provide little tips and inspiration so we can be more present since paying attention is the key to remembering.  Managing life in the 21st century means balancing and creating priorities. Quality of life is enhanced by being in the present moment. Sometimes we need those little reminders to keep us focused and positive.

My style is to have inspirational quotes and in doing that, I hope to give reminders that will help us better handle our busyness with all of its technology and distractions.

Make sure you take a close look at how to create your personal 7 Day Memory Fitness Plan for successful aging.