for all ages

"Without memory we vanish - we cease to exist - our past is wiped out
and yet we pay little attention to it except when it fails us -
we do precious little to exercise it, to nurture it, to build it, to protect it."
Mark Twain

 Memory loss is not an inevitable part of getting older. 

We all have moments of forgetfulness such as wondering where did I put the keys or why am I standing in front of my refrigerator? What can you do to counteract some of those daily minor memory frustrations?

Our lives are often hectic and then there are all the extra things we need to recall such as changing area codes, 10 digit phone numbers, zip codes, ATM and computer passwords.

It is no surprise that sometimes we just draw a blank when trying to recall some vital information.
If you are experiencing some persistent minor memory frustrations, you may benefit from a few sessions that will help you develop specific strategies to reduce their frequency.

Contact Kathryn Kilpatrick to begin creating an in-depth, personalized plan of action.

Telephone consultation (fees based on time spent).

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For those diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Memory Loss,
Kathryn will bring her 40 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist
to assist in creating

  appropriate memory strategies

proactive safety recommendations

an ongoing memory fitness program

to meet your current level of functioning and to provide information
that will be helpful to those who are part of your support system.