Keep Your Brain Sharp
a weekly series since March 2016
in an assisted living in Beachwood, OH

 From the Activity Director 

 Our facility is an assisted living facility that allows seniors to age in place.  One of the difficult things we are finding is that we have two distinct groups that have evolved.  One is a very high-functioning, still engaging in society via volunteering, driving, etc. These folks are either not experiencing memory impairment at all or are only experiencing very minimal impairment.  The other is the true aging in place group, whether they are being admitted to our facility with significant memory impairment or as they have been here for a number of years and are now experiencing a lot of memory issues. 

We have one activity calendar; we cannot separate our apartments as memory impaired and non-memory impaired.  Our ever-growing difficult task is being able to provide programs that all can attend, without some not being able to keep up and without some getting upset that the program isn’t up to their level.  The program that Kathy has been providing to our facility for the past 1 ½ years now bridges that gap.  We started out with about 5-8 regular attendees.  We now have anywhere from 15-22 regular attendees.  And it is a true mix of severely memory impaired as well as those that are still completely with it.  I highly recommend this program for any facility with aging seniors, but especially for those facilities like ours, that are looking to provide programming for all levels inside one program.

 Comments from the daughter of one of the participants who attends with her mom

 Kathryn Kilpatrick is a caring and knowledgeable professional who provides her students with valuable strategies for successful aging. In her “Keep Your Brain Sharp” classes she includes a wide variety of brain games, puzzles and memory tips. Her warmth and humor keep us coming back week after week.

Comments from 2 of the attendees

 Kathy is very welcoming and an excellent teacher. I look forward to attending her weekly word game class. She makes the class fun and interesting – it’s the highlight of my week.

Kathy’s class is my favorite. She combines puzzles, humor and practical solutions
for aging brains. It is the one class I never want to miss.

From attendees at the Hudson Library - Understanding the Changes in Memory Beyond Normal Aging

Good overview with useful tips, knowledgeable speaker, good suggestions, real life stories, very educational, good personal experiences, lots of great suggestions for caregivers, very well-spoken, easy to understand, all pertinent information to be aware of, information that is easy to be put to use, clear communication of knowledge, liked the comprehensive information on aging.


From Jeanne Mauriocourt - Director of Educational Programs, Lakeside Chautauqua, OH

In the lectures and workshops presented to the Lakeside audience, Kathy communicated step-by-step instructions and practical solutions to the problems facing those with memory loss and their caregivers, as well as those who want to remain active and keep their memory sharp.  She is an engaging presenter with a wealth of energy!  It is a pleasure to work with her.  

From David Evans - Road Scholar program, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY

I first heard Kathy speak at a Road Scholar conference in Chautauqua, New York. The title of her her topic was Memory Fitness Matters.  I was very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and the quality of her presentation. She spoke for three hours
and held my attention for entire time.


A year later when my wife,Linda, developed symptoms of dementia brought on by a stroke and a fall I remembered Kathy and asked for her advice. Kathy came from Cleveland to Youngtown to visit Linda in the nursing home and followed with meetings at our home and then at her home. The advice she gave us and the memory fitness materials she provided helped us deal with Linda's condition in a proactive way. She has continued to keep in touch with us for more  than a year. She is a compassionate and talented professional. I would confidently recommend Kathy to anyone who faces the difficult task of  dealing with dementia.   


From Jean Hood - Marketing Director Hamlet Retirement Community, Chagrin Falls, OH  

Kathy presents wonderful educational programs on memory fitness. She is able to completely captivate an audience for over an hour. She has the unique ability to hold your attention and talk so that everyone can hear and understand the points she makes. She injects humor at all the right moments. Kathy is truly a strong and entertaining speaker. Each time I hear her, I learn more. We have had several successful presentations to diverse audiences of all ages comprised of residents, members of the community, and professional social workers and nurses. Each person feels as though Kathy is speaking directly to them.


From Genel Nichols – KentRidge at Golden Pond, Kent, OH

Your Memory Fitness Club is one of our most popular community events here at KentRidge.  What strikes me is the way the program continues to attract people of all ages; we see grandmas bringing their grandchildren with them!  I am also looking forward to working with you again at one of your library presentations.  The events in Tallmadge, Ravenna and Stow were hugely successful for our marketing objectives, plus I saw the positive way the community responded to your presentation.  It has been a pleasure to partner with you on various events – you certainly bring in the crowds.  I look forward to continued collaboration, as I too, always learn something new from you!”


From Gayle Linden - Community Education Coordinator Sharon Regional Health System
Thank you for the fantastic program you presented to our recent Women’s Center seminar "Aging with an Attitude." This is one of the best programs we have done in years, as evidenced by the 320 women who attended ranged in age from their early 30’s through 80. Your presentation on "Memory Fitness" captivated everyone’s attention and was presented with just the right touch of humor. I continue to get positive feedback on your program even weeks after the event, along with questions on how to purchase your book. We will certainly keep you in mind as a speaker for future Women’s Center seminars that we schedule.

From Marge Galla - Volunteer Services Coordinator, Southwest General Health Center 

We met when you spoke with our group, Greater Cleveland Area Association of Directors of Volunteer Services, at Fairview Hospital last fall. At that time we got a copy of "Walking the Path to Memory Fitness" to read and share. I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the book and its many tips. We publish a quarterly newsletter for our volunteers and in this issue we included not only an article about memory and volunteering, but also a simple crossword puzzle as a contest. Thank you for your many wonderful ideas!


From Dr. Harold R. Williams Professor of Economics Emeritus and Member of the Kent State University Retired Faculty Association
The clarity, liveliness, and friendliness with which you presented the material was appreciated by all -- as was the dash of humor nicely interspersed in your talk. It is indeed obvious you not only know your subject and enjoy talking about it, but are an expert in the area. It was truly outstanding. Thank you again for a most impressive and superbly organized presentation. (2004)

Thank you again for a most interesting and stimulating presentation to the KSU Retired Faculty Association.  You did another superb job.  The clarity, friendliness and just-the-right-amount-of humor with which you presented your topic, “Keys, phone, remote, glasses – Now you see it –Now you Don’t .. The Art of Paying Attention,” was appreciated and enjoyed by all. (2005)


From Laura Templar - Director of Volunteer Services at Judson at University Circle
The community volunteers and residents raved about your presentation.  At 9:30 a.m. the following day we had residents, who were unable to attend, requesting handouts as they had heard about the wonderful program from their fellow residents.  Your sincerity, expertise, excellent concrete tips, personal stories and your emphasis on attitude and being grateful all made the presentation exceptional.  I have heard you speak 4 times and each time I’ve learned something new  …Thank you again for giving our residents important tools and motivation for healthy aging.  It’s been wonderful to work with you.


From Deb Van Scoder – Director of Customer Relations  Green Meadows Health & Wellness Center

I just had a Memory Group Reunion at my facility yesterday with Kathy Kilpatrick and we all had such a good time. Kathy is not only a great presenter but she is also very entertaining and makes it fun for all. She really captivates people’s attention when she talks. It’s as if they are hanging on to every word that she says.  She creates a following, that’s for sure! We started doing the “Memory Fitness” class several years back and the attendance was more than we dreamed we would achieve. We have continued to create classes and take them to different areas of the county, as well different segments of our industry. It has been a great public relations and marketing tool as well as an internal teaching method. I highly recommend her not only as a speaker, but as a great teacher, role model and inspiration for your guests.


From Lee Chaverin – Chautauqua Institution - attendee and room monitor 2004 and 2006

Kathryn took us on such a positive journey through the sometimes frightening path of aging and memory loss. Her expertise, professionalism, and most of all, her passion for subject made her an excellent guide and teacher. I use her advice every day and it works!  


References from other programs


Creating Memory Fitness Programs for Older Adults

       - Hooray, I have come up with 10 activity ideas just by listening to her 

       - Full of knowledge and gave great resources

       - Presentation provided great tips for assisting seniors

       - Enjoyed her session especially the focus on hearing and visual deficits and how to
         address them to best communicate

       -  A very engaging speaker

       - Very good information! Want to check the website for resources

       - Presented new ideas - handout excellent

       - Refreshing

       - Very informative presentation

       - This information was very helpful in assisting my residents to engage in activities

Hearing Loss, Aging and Memory
       - Excellent seminar. Helped me to understand what to look for.

       -  Enjoyed the presenter's knowledge. She included life experiences and on this subject  
          in a very helpful way. 

       - I have more tools to work with and understanding of those who seem to be paying
         attention but really are not able to hear. Now I can use these skills and try to get them
         involved more.

Memory Changes Beyond Normal Aging (Webinar)

        -  My father had dementia and I wish I had known as much then to help him and myself
           at the time. Everyone needs to be educated and know the facts.

        -  Appreciated the focus on helping to maintain the dignity of the person and making 
           adjusts for their benefit - even realizing there are ways to help them see their brain
           is still functioning! If at all possible, to help create joy.

        -  One of the most interesting webinars with an engaging, interesting speaker. 

Understanding the Keys to Memory Fitness: Normal Aging and Beyond

  • Very informative!
  • Lots of good information! Thanks!
  • Very informative presentation. Speaker's expertise in memory fitness was very impressive.
  • Excellent tips!
  • Wonderful very helpful topic. Could have lasted more than 90 minutes.
  • great
  • Great information on relevant to today and all ages!! Great information.
    Awesome, have great ideas to take back.
  • Excellent tips for this population! Will incorporate!
  • Excited to implement some of your awesome ideas. So informative!
  • Looking forward to visiting your website and trying out ideas
  • The information was well needed. I can take back and assist with my residents. It has been challenging for me. thanks
  • Really got my attention
  • Excellent program - great explaination of aging.and how to give motivation
  • Thank you for the great resources you provided
  • Very helpful information to utilize with the seniors! Really enjoyed it!
  • Love the permission to use her info
  • Really great ideas. Interested in purchasing product!!
  • Very good - kept your attention and informative

Keeping Your Brain Sharp Strategies, Activities and Program Ideas

  • Great information. very helpful and practical
  • Awesome! thank you
  • Very knowledgeable presenter.
  • Very good ideas and examples of activities to engage residents
  • I found presenter extremely informative
  • Thanks. this gave me an idea to search for a resource in my community about brain games 

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