Spoken from the heart. Excellent examples. You are a true therapy champion! Thanks for giving and sharing.

Loved her ideas and her obvious passion for her work – impressed with how down to earth she is – very dynamic – liked the stories and the interactions with others to illustrate a point – great insights into appreciating the older adult’s wisdom.

Thanks for sharing more than information - you shared a part of yourself.

Her sessions were truly a highlight for the participants who were over-whelming in their praise – It is clear she has abundant knowledge and derives much pleasure in sharing what she knows.

Kathy is an excellent speaker. I could listen to her any time. Her humor comes in across in every speech. Her topics are right on the money.

I truly appreciate you relating how much you learn from….rather than how much you taught them (dementia patients and their families) – your learning shows how open you are to their needs. Keep up the good work.

This information is so necessary and it was helpful to hear that you have experienced this and practice these tips in your own home life situation.

She has the ability to present large volumes of information while making it relevant, practical and interesting.

Excellent presentation but feel I could have benefited from a day long program. Always great to receive affirmation for what I do daily.

Increased my knowledge on how to assist some of my consumers to better their lives in their day to day living....very knowledgeable.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and creative programming ideas with the Adult Day services staff...

Presentation was extremely informative and perfected worded for both the person diagnosed with memory loss and their family members - direct yet tactful approach was ideal.

Her FOCUS column had suggestions that showed a sensitive understanding of the life issues, feelings and concerns of the older adult. They were practical, doable and meaningful.

Cares for her patients and it shows – very respectful of the older adult.

Storytelling is always a great way of bringing home a point. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing.

Appreciated her kindness, patience and good humor. Her experienced approach opened up avenues for me to pursue in order to continue a better quality of life for MA-MA.

You worked with Mom with such enthusiasm … improving the quality of her life with so many fresh ideas.

Sincere - spoke from her heart - very easy to listen to - storyteller in the making.

Thought the class was very beneficial and I plan on sharing the information with my ministers of elder care...

Many of my people on the Older Adult Council are wanting copies of all the handouts. There is a great need for this type of information.

Everyone liked your style and ability to communicate in a way they can understand, as well as appreciate that you really know what you are talking about.

Kathy was “amazingly inspiring,” “knowledgeable.”   

Presentation was  “very thorough, very well done, informative,”  “went above and beyond my expectations.”

Excellent – have her back.

I feel my life has improved in one evening.  Thank you, Kathryn.

Thank you for this gift.

A wealth of information to digest and relish.


From the Hudson Library - Understanding the Changes in Memory Beyond Normal Aging

Good overview with useful tips, knowledgeable speaker, good suggestions, real life stories, very educational, good personal experiences, lots of great suggestions for caregivers, very well-spoken, easy to understand, all pertinent information to be aware of, information that is easy to be put to use, clear communication of knowledge, liked the comprehensive information on aging.

Hearing Loss, Aging and Memory (Webinar)
       - Excellent seminar. Helped me to understand what to look for.

       -  Enjoyed the presenter's knowledge. She included life experiences and on this subject  
          in a very helpful way. 

       - I have more tools to work with and understanding of those who seem to be paying
         attention but really are not able to hear. Now I can use these skills and try to get them
         involved more.


Home Sweet Home: Easier Said than Done
       Walking the Journey When a Loved One has Dementia

        -  Practical and realistic information that could be easily implemented
        -  Fantastic speaker
        -  Excellent workshop...very compassionate approach
        -  Up to date...insightful
        -  One of the best workshops I have ever attended at LISHA
        -  Kept audience engaged
        -  A continuation of this workshop
        -  Find someone at her level next year. I don't envy will be a challenge.
        -  Awesome handouts
        - There were no questions, because she left no issue unaddressed!!!
        -  Illuminating Course

Functional Communication Assessment for Health Care Professionals

       -  Very informative and helpful. Very interesting, it went fast!!

       -  Very valuable workshop. Speaker presented topic in manner which held my interest.

       - This is one of the best speakers I have heard in many years! There was so much
          here that was 
applicable and numerous things for me to use with my clients or in my
          tool box. I would so love to 
hear from her again!

       -  Great job! The area that really caught my attention was the listening comprehension.
          The item vs
. the  function. Also, modifying speech – language deficits – loved the
          photo book example with 
pictures and questions you can create that they can ask to
          family members.

       -  Wonderful professional and personal knowledge and insight.

       -   A lot of material for the allotted time. Kathryn is very knowledgeable. Excellent

       -   Kathryn is an excellent communicator. Very interesting content. I cannot evaluate a
before they move into independent living, but I do need to recognize
           problems so they can be 


Maximizing Communication and Connection with the Older Adult
        -  Would benefit the general public to have this information.
        -  Should be required for all social/case workers and elderly caregivers.
        -  Speaker was very knowledgeable.
        -  Kathryn is a great communicator.
        -  The speaker was just excellent. I had no idea how much detailed and useful
            information we 
would learn today. 
        -  One of the best topics presented in the last 10 years. Information was all so very

        -  I would recommend that more nursing students hear this lecture.
        -  Her insight into the life of seniors was great.
        -  It is helpful to know how difficult life is for them.
        -  She was able to actually put into place some of the techniques she was telling us to

        -  This seminar will help me to better understand how I can communication and
           connect with 
residents and their caregivers.
        -  She gave wonderful information in an interesting way.

Walking Their Journey: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (Webinar)

        -  It was very interesting and informative.  It gave me a sense of a better understanding
           towards the individuals I serve.  
        - It put a lot of the things the presenter was saying into perspective. Her information
          was very thorough and very easy to follow! Wish we had more time!  
        - I learned new ways to effectively communicate with my clients.
        - I was given more ideas today to get my residents with memory issues more involved
          and on their way to living instead of existing.   
        - The speaker was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic which
           enhanced my ability to learn!  
        - Through this webinar I have learned how I can communicate and connect with my
           clients as well as my family.
        - The presenter shared valuable information that should be considered, when working
           with the elderly.  
        - Very professional presentation, materials 

Older Adults at Risk for Fraud

       -  Interesting topics as at times it is difficult to exlain why a scam is so obvious to the
          younger generation and so difficult for an older adult to understand

       -  Very important subject matters and presented from a paradigm rarely discussed or

       -  Presenter was easy to follow, spoke clearly and slowly. We could take in everything
          we needed to understand. I have some residents I know I can help better now.

       -  Good job of keeping the topic interesting by including aging issues and factors such
          as visual, hearing and memory impairment and how it related to a senior's 
          vulnerability to fraud. Thanks for the insight!

       -  Speaker very knowledgeable and appreciate her wanting to brainstorm ways to
          address fraud and taking into account everyone's personal experience with fraud.

Challenging Family Dynmaics and Difficult Behaviors 

        -   Excellent tools and ideas presented

        -   Thank you for giving us strategies for helping us communicate kindly and effectively
             with older adults

Helping Residents Enhance Communication with Older Adults

        -   All of the information was very informative and useful. I really liked the idea of
            having or forming a checklist for the residents to record what they may want to ask
            their physicians.
    -  Great information. This type of presentation is useful for anyone struggling to
            communicate effectively with health care providers -- it is an issue that affects
            people of all ages.
    -   Good advice on the many things that can be done so a resident has current and
            information on their health conditions for their health care providers.
        -   Like the way the presenter asked for feedback and input during her presentation.
        -   Loved her spirit and practical knowledge. She was very knowledgeable and
        -  The information that was presented gave me new ideas to prepare my residents for 
            their appointments. 
        -   The information will be helpful when discussing appointments with tenants. We may
            have a forum to discuss this and help develop strategies.

Memory Changes Beyond Normal Aging

        -  My father had dementia and I wish I had known as much then to help him and myself
           at the time. Everyone needs to be educated and know the facts.

        -  Appreciated the focus on helping to maintain the dignity of the person and making
           adjusts for their benefit - even realizing there are ways to help them see their brain
           is still functioning! If at all possible, to help create joy.

        -  One of the most interesting webinars with an engaging, interesting speaker   


Humor in the Workplace: Lighten up Your Day!

      I loved this training. I will use the info and tips fully where I work, at home and with
         everyone who comes in my path

   - A great way to remember that laughter is so powerful in so many ways!

      - Very enlightening webinar, good presenter 

      - Best webinar by far! I wish it could have listened all day long. ALL SMILES! 

      - Much appreciated also, the sharing of ideas on ways to incorporate humor into
        working with other staff employees and residents

   - One of the best webinars so far and the presenter was really enthusiastic about her
        presentation and made it fun and interesting. 

Creating Memory Fitness Programs for Older Adults

       - Hooray, I have come up with 10 activity ideas just by listening to her 

       - Full of knowledge and gave great resources

       - Presentation provided great tips for assisting seniors

       - Enjoyed her session especially the focus on hearing and visual deficits and how to
         address them to best communicate

       -  A very engaging speaker

       - Very good information! Want to check the website for resources

       - Presented new ideas - handout excellent

       - Refreshing

       - Very informative presentation

       - This information was very helpful in assisting my residents to engage in activities

Marketing seminars

       - One of the best classes presented in the gerontology certificate program.
      - Super experience- may be life changing
      - Your class was great. I already had a success!!   
      - You have enlightened my view of the big picture.
      - Gave me a whole new perspective.


Real Estate CEU program
       - Excellent topics
      - Very much needed information
      - Made me think outside the box
      - Will begin to investigate the senior real estate specialist designation
      - Well worth the CEU time

Your wonderful website and the helpful things you have created to educate others, is exactly the type of information activities professionals crave.


 Memory Fitness and Lifelong Learning   

updated March 23, 2017