"Every person’s life is worth a novel."
Erving Polster



  • that supports a holistic approach that promotes meaningful and memorable exchanges between staff, residents, family, and caregivers while conveying the message that the life of the older adult matters.
  • that offers the opportunity to meet your resident’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • that meets the older adult where they are in their life’s journey and honors their story, setting a framework on how to elevate the value we place on the older adult in the 21st century. 

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others,
devote yourself to the community around you,
and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning




  • transforms days from mere existence into more enjoyment for residents  
  • creates an environment that will foster a sense of staff loyalty and fewer days off from burnout
  • prospective employees will learn the value you place on LIFE CARE ENHANCEMENT from the first interview 
  • families and friends will receive tools that will allow them to create more enjoyable visit time with their loved ones
  • when you create a volunteer program with this philosophy, you will attract more people who will become involved at a deeper level 
  • there is less time spent by your activity professionals putting together their program materials 
  • caregiver support groups can focus on how to connect families and friends with their loved ones 
  • community programs that are educational or reminiscence based will attract potential residents to your facility 
  • the quality of your program and the sensitivity of your philosophy which is actually an integral part of your program with all of the staff will help to position your facility in the community as a leader in creating environments that honor the older adult


  • for all employees to increase their understanding of the value of LIFE CARE ENHANCEMENT for the older adult 
  • for staff to help residents and their families create a Lifestyle Care Plan
  • for activity professionals on how to modify their activities to the appropriate level for the older adult with communication and cognitive limitations
  •  for your volunteers in how they can best support the LIFE CARE ENHANCEMENT approach
  • to create effective intergenerational programs 
  • quarterly programs that revitalize the staff in the meaning of the LIFE CARE ENHANCEMENT philosophy


  • to develop a screening tool for new employees to identify those who would enhance your CARING COMMUNITIES philosophy
  • to develop  a background profile on all residents upon admission that will support LIFE CARE ENHANCMENT
  • to develop a screening tool that would help identify residents within independent and assisted living facility who may be experiencing increased cognitive deficits that might lead to safety concerns 
  • to develop a ongoing series of LIFE CARE ENHANCEMENT educational programs for staff
  • to develop a community series of creative programs to enhance the quality of life of the older adult 
  • to develop LIFE CARE ENHANCEMENT programs that involve family and loved ones
  •  to develop programs for caregiver support and adult day care respite programs


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