• Supports a holistic approach that promotes meaningful and memorable exchanges between staff, residents, family, and caregivers while conveying  the message that the life of the older adult matters.
  • Offers the opportunity to meet your resident’s physical, emotional and  spiritual needs.  
  • Meets the older adult where they are in their life’s journey and honors their story, setting a framework on how to elevate the value we place on the elderly in this 21st century.   


Perhaps it is time to document, store and have available your

  History    Values     Preferences    Habits    Routines   Lifestyle Choices 



The Platinum Rule

"Do unto others as they would do unto themselves."*


*The "Platinum Rule" expression was coined by
 Dr. Tony Alessandra and is a trademark of Dr. Alessandra.


How you live your life includes

 What you eat …

 What you wear …

 How you spend your spare time …

 Little things that make you smile …

 What annoys you …

 How you would like people to communicate with you …

 How you practice your religion/spiritual life …

 How you want to let go of life … 

Wouldn’t it be great if your future caregiver

  • knew “You” when you arrived on the doorstep.
  • knew what “You” preferred if you could not communicate.
  • could improve “Your” satisfaction by improving your empowerment.

Wouldn’t it be great if your future caregiver

  • had information and “clues” to  deal with issues that made you unhappy. could save time, money, energy and effort trying to obtain information (if you were unable to provide it) 
  • could share what is important to you with others as you walk your journey as life circumstances change.
  • would know how to best communicated with you if you had hearing, vision, speech, memory and/or cognitive deficits.
  • knew your story for conversational purposes

 What are 5 things you would like someone
 to know about your preferences?


 Sample from Ruth’s Story (in a nursing home)


7:30 AM without the Lifestyle Care Plan

Taken to the dining room for breakfast. She is given a cup of coffee with her bacon and eggs.

7:30 AM with the Lifestyle Care Plan


Served breakfast in her room so she can watch TV. She has oatmeal with a banana. She eats her oatmeal and saves her banana for later. She has a second cup of coffee.


8:30 AM without the Lifestyle Advance Care Plan

Taken for a bath but in recent years has only taken a shower. Placed in hallway near nurse’s station. Wants her purse but was told she did not need it. Her lips are dry and she would like the Chap Stick in her purse.


8:30 AM with the Lifestyle Care Plan

After breakfast taken to the activity dept. She reads paper to a small group of residents who are vision impaired and they work a crossword puzzle as a group.  


Sample from Lynn’s Story (receiving home care)


7:30 AM without the Lifestyle Care Plan

Taken to kitchen for breakfast. Given a cup of tea with sweet and low, served with egg beaters and dry toast due to MD order low cholesterol diet. Difficulty feeding herself so caregiver tries to feed her and she resists.

7:30 AM with the Lifestyle Care Plan

Served several cups of Irish tea with 5 tsp. sugar in each one. Lynn and the caregiver read the newspaper together.


Noon without the Lifestyle Care Plan

The caregiver gets Lynn out of bed and takes her to the kitchen for lunch. She puts Lynn in front of TV so they can watch soap opera. Lynn falls asleep.

Noon with the Lifestyle Care Plan

Lynn and the caregiver go out for lunch then stop by the United Way office. Lynn was a volunteer there for 3 decades and is missed by all. With the help of her caregiver she is able to help out with some small projects. 


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