So What Do You Think???? Talk, Talk, Talk    Book-and-Cards-COMP-small
Cards and Journal   $25
Cards or Journal only $15 each


"Without our stories, how will be know it's us?
Without the stories of others, how will we know who they are?"
Dudley Cocke


These combinations of 150 thought-provoking and sensitive questions are a fun way to elicit conversations.

     Great topics for all ages!

     Each card contains 3 very different questions offering choices.

     Each page of the journal offers a full page for your thoughts.


Keep the cards handy on a table for when you have visitors. Use it for group activities at a senior center or residential community, at family gatherings, when traveling or as a mealtime conversation starter. Learn more about each other and yourself each time you use the cards. SAMPLE CARD
Use the journal as a way to share your many stories. SAMPLE JOURNAL PAGE