Cognitive Communication: Functional Activities Manual

by Kathryn Kilpatrick M.A. CCC/SLP

Changes in cognitive communication can occur in persons of all ages. This manual can be used by individuals who are in high school, who have returned from the military or who have developed cognitive based language challenges from any type of brain trauma.

Common causes of acquired brain injury can include:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • brain tumor
  • brain infection
  • stroke
  • anoxia (lack of oxygen)

    It is also helpful for persons with age related memory loss and mild cognitive impairments.

These manuals contain therapeutic activities for cognitive communication for use with:

- adolescents
- adults
- veterans
- elderly persons

They can be used by:

  • speech- language pathologists
  • allied health therapists
  • caregivers and family members

       in hospitals, rehabilitation programs, community residences, assisted ,living centers, nursing
       homes, and at home.


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