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  • Each day of the week for an entire year offers an event and the birthdays of two famous people.
  • Each month has a wide variety of activities that refer back to each corresponding day followed by several puzzles. 
       Section (A) Yes and No Questions
       Section (B) Multiple Choice Questions
       Section (C) Factual Questions
       Section (D) Fill in the Blanks
       Section (E) Conversation Starters


       Fill in the Missing Letters  - puzzles with the words used in each month
       Crossword Puzzle - refers back to specific days of the month for the answers
Depending on how you want to use this product, you may prefer to have the months organized consecutively followed by all the activities. All sections are conveniently labeled so the availability of a flash drive allows you to create the format you feel works best for your situation.
Speech-language pathologists and activity professionals will have a wide variety of activities for reminiscing, recall and memory, listening and reading as well as writing. All of the activities can be modified for those with some difficulties by providing more cues as either written or spoken hints. 

NOTE: A spiral workbook version is also available and may be the perfect format for a  home carryover program or as a resource for conversation starters. Call for pricing.
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