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(Source: WOSU) - As the holiday season approaches, the pleasure of visiting far away relatives can turn into a nightmare...especially for older adults and their family members. WOSU’s Judith Brachman talked with Kathryn Kilpatrick, author, trainer, and geriatric communication consultant.

Letter to the Editor: Alzheimer’s Daily News December 12, 2005


I encourage every one of your readers to listen to the "Traveling with Seniors" in your Dec. 8th issue of The Alzheimer’s Daily News. I sat here with tears in my eyes. The segment is helpful for traveling, but more than that, it reminded me, as a caregiver, to stay calm. All caregivers get to a point where they want to argue with the patient. We can’t. Arguing just makes the situation much worse. Our lives as caregivers will be much better, if we can be gentle with our loved ones. Lilya McAlister, Pennsylvania