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 for health care professionals.

Inservice courses by Kathryn Kilpatrick

for nursing assistants


Communicating with the Hearing Impaired Part 1 (#P1118)  Register here

  • Identify basic strategies for communicating more effectively with a person who is hard of hearing
  • Discuss options available to a hearing impaired person
  • Explain how to improve communication in day-to-day situations and how to assist those with a hearing loss

  Modifying Activities for the Hearing Impaired - Part 2 (#P1119) Register here 

  • Examine the impact of hearing loss on a person’s activities
  • Discuss ways to modify normal daily activities for the hard of hearing
  • Review ways that speakers can modify presentations for the hard of hearing

Memory Fitness - Part 1 (#P1108) Register here 

  • Identify how to improve memory by developing your ability to pay attention
  • Describe how a positive attitude can improve your memory power
  • Explain ways that organization can assist with recall
  • Discuss 4 lifestyle choices that impact ability to maximize memory

Memory Fitness - Part 2 (# P1109) Register here

  • Discuss the impact of stress on memory and describe 2 effective memory strategies
  • Identify ways to improve your memory fitness in everyday life
  • Explain how memory changes with normal aging
  • Create a plan for beginning a memory fitness improvement program 

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