Mentoray Healthcare Training Center

Maximizing Communication and Connection
 Between Health Care Professionals and Older Adults

Description: Maximizing communication with an older adult often requires specific strategies to help you meet them where they are in their functioning. Their challenges in one or more of these areas including hearing, vision, speech and memory can impact not only communication but their safety and gradually their quality of life. This program will provide insights into how to more effectively communicate with the older adult and their caregivers to maximize their safety and their quality of life. 
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Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants will be able to: 

      Understand the basic structure needed to maximize communication when there are
      deficits in hearing, vision, speech and memory
      Explain effective ways to communicate when hearing and vision are concerned
      Explain strategies to enhance communication when speech difficulties are present
      Explain general strategies to communicate more effectively with someone experiencing
      memory loss.
      Explain ways to enhance quality of life

Memory Fitness – What You Need to Know!

Description: The older adult population has an increased interest in brain health and memory fitness. Memory lapses are not only embarrassing but they can also impact safety and result in decreased socialization. Health care professionals working with older adults can benefit greatly when there is an understanding of the basics of memory fitness including the reversible causes of memory loss, what changes occur with normal aging and the importance of listening and paying attention. With information about the changes a person can make in their lifestyle choices along with more effective memory strategies, a person may be able to maintain and even improve the ability to remember information. Current research supports challenging our brain as a part of a successful aging routine and providing older adults with information about basic brain health information in addition to offering a variety of memory fitness activities can become a vital part of keeping older minds stimulated through the decades of their lives. 
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Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

     Identify the major causes of memory problems
     Describe the changes in memory with aging
     Explain the basics of memory enhancement
     Describe effective strategies for typical memory complaints   
     Explain how to upgrade a brain workout program

                                 When Memory Difficulties are
                         Beyond the Changes with Normal Aging

With memory fitness and concerns about possible decline on the minds of a significant part of the population, health care professionals, families, and caregivers can benefit from learning ways to effectively address the concerns of those adults experiencing memory loss and cognitive decline.  Frequently there are changes in capabilities and subsequent frustrations which can manifest in decreased communication and activity participation, subtle safety concerns, and increased family/caregiver stress.  

Aging with memory loss and cognitive decline involves incorporating appropriate strategies into the daily routine to allow a person to participate in their daily lives with families, friends and caregivers. The key to effective intervention begins with understanding the subtle but meaningful changes that are being observed and how  they can impact their routine, interests, and ultimately overall safety. From there, an assessment of their strengths and interests as well as the capabilities of their support system allows the development of effective communication strategies based on the person's declining  functioning. 
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Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

   Describe the typical difficulties associated with progression of memory loss 

   Identify proactive modifications 
   Explain activities for continued cognitive stimulation 
   Create a plan to enhance quality of life when there is a mild/moderate memory impairment.

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