Some of Kathryn's most popular programs for lifelong learning and successful aging include
her popular memory fitness series. These programs have been presented to a variety of organizations including rotary, chamber of commerce and women’s organizations.     REFERENCES                                                                                       AUDIENCES

Lifelong Learning Programs

Memory Fitness Series


Creating a 7 day Memory Fitness Plan
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Experiencing memory frustrations? Want to know what to do?
Learn how to create a memory fitness plan that can easily become part of your daily routine
.  Positive attitude, paying attention, lifestyle choices, and upgrading your memory fitness routine are just a few of the key components for memory health as well as successful aging.


"Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible." Saint Francis of Assisi


Memory Fitness Matters: What You Need to Know   

                If you have complaints of forgetfulness, this program will help you better understand the changes in memory you might be experiencing.  Learn how attitude, lifestyle choices and paying attention impact recall and what you should include in your memory fitness program.

 The Impact of Multitasking on Your Ability to Remember

                The busyness of the 21st century has brought with it an increase in multitasking. It often has a significant impact on your ability to remember, your overall disposition and your accuracy as well as safety. What may seem like multitasking may really be task switching. Learn some tips on how to handle these situations and information to pass along to your favorite multitaskers.

 Strategies for Handling Memory Frustrations

           Isn't it frustrating when you cannot find your glasses, go to another room and forget what you were going to do or cannot find the word you need? Learn some very practical strategies to handle everyday forgetfulness and share some of your solutions with others.

 Upgrading Your Memory Fitness Routine

                One of the keys to successful aging is to challenge your brain. Enjoy some
brain games, learn some simple ways to upgrade your current activities and
put your positive attitude to work by trying something new!


Additional program topics:

Positive attitude, humor matters, memory in the workplace,
paying attention matters, improving
your lifestyle choices

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