These programs were created for family members, friends, caregivers and/or volunteers. What all of you have in common is the desire to spend meaningful time with an older adult. When there are communication challenges, it can make a lot of difference once you have some appropriate strategies to consider.

These programs are directed toward increasing a person’s understanding of how to modify communication when an older adult has some limitations based on 40 years as a speech-language pathologist specializing in working with these concerns.


  • Maximizing communication and connection with the older adult when there are problems
          with hearing
          with vision
          with speech
          with memory
  • How to modify activities when hearing, vision, speech and/or memory are impaired.
  • Helping families, friends and caregivers meet an older adult  where they are in their journey.


As part of the training for faith communities and hospice volunteers, here are some other resources: article on creating meaningful visits and a  blog series on ideas for creating meaningful visits.

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 Refer to Kathryn's blogs and other resources for some of her information on these topics